Facilitating BOLD! Team Meetings

When was the last time you left a meeting saying to yourself “Wow! That meeting was so good I wish it had gone on for another hour!” For many people the answer is NEVER!

If you want to learn to facilitate great team meetings where everyone is engaged, great thinking occurs, good decisions are made quickly, and things actually get done, then this one-day workshop is for you! In this workshop you will learn:

  • pre-meeting strategies to get greater participation
  • how to formulate an agenda that will change your world (well maybe your week!)
  • what’s needed to structure the opening, middle and closing of a great meeting
  • a range of techniques to encourage healthy group debate and effective decision-making
  • about the destructive influence of ‘groupthink’ and tactics for overcoming it
  • how to manage a whole raft of inappropriate meeting behaviours
  • how to shorten meetings and still get results

How to Register

For more information email: fleur@lindahutchings.com

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