Leadership Trainer

One of New Zealand’s most respected adult educators Linda specialises in the development of emerging and new leaders. Infuriated by New Zealand’s ‘sink or swim’ approach to leadership development she has designed a series of practical and highly effective programmes to dramatically improve the way aspiring leaders are developed and supported. These provide new leaders with pragmatic, day-to-day leadership 'how-tos', enabling them to hit the ground running.

She is fascinated by what works in practice and while theory underpins her work, she is always driven by the question – “how do you actually do that?” Whether it’s facilitating a meeting that encourages vigorous, healthy debate, raising that uncomfortable body odour issue with a team member or influencing team culture you can be sure Linda has done the research and thinking around how best to develop the competence and confidence to tackle the issue.

Be warned! Her workshops are not for those who are just after a nice lunch – they are for aspiring leaders who truly want to make a difference where they live and work.

Leadership Workshops

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