Conference Speaker

Linda is widely recognised as a compelling and inspirational speaker who draws on her extensive training and coaching experience to craft provoking and entertaining client-specific presentations.

Give your next conference a kick with one of Linda’s dynamic keynote speeches. She will make your audience think, she will make them laugh and she will rattle their cages a little (or maybe a lot).

Linda's Keynotes


Building a Workplace that Rocks

If you want to have more energy, more focus and more fun at work this year then this really is the session for you.
Daniel Goleman (the Emotional Intelligence guy) suggests that people do their best work when they feel good – a comment Linda strongly connects with. It is not about holding one-off team events that often actually only increase people’s cynicism and negativity. It is about the real, practical things that anyone, at any level, can do to contribute to a workplace that truly rocks. 

In this fun, fast-paced and highly interactive presentation Linda shares her top practical strategies for building (and maintaining!) an inspired workplace.

You Can Lead!

Yes You!

You don’t need a title to act, feel and think like a leader. Leadership has nothing to do with the title on your business card or the size of your office. 
Leadership is not about prestige, power or status – it is about responsibility. Leadership is an attitude – it’s about who you are being while you are doing what you’re doing. 

In this thought provoking keynote Linda challenges old models of leadership and explores five key behaviours that real leaders have regardless of their position!


Practice is Everything!

We get better at what we practice – so, what are you practising?

  • gossiping
  • being late for meetings
  • shooting down new ideas
  • whinging about management


  • giving actionable feedback
  • looking for opportunities
  • speaking up 
  • being thoughtful

When we practice we develop habits. Habits become things we do without thinking. 

This session examines seven daily habits of remarkable leaders – leaders making a difference in their workplace for all the right reasons!

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