Accountability Coach

Linda has met many highly qualified people who know a lot about leadership, but that said, she wouldn’t let them loose with her goats let alone let them lead human beings.

In an effort to address this, she has developed a range of coaching accountability programmes to help leaders put into practice what they learn and know. A word of caution though, these programmes are not for the faint-hearted. Expect to be held accountable to practice what you learn!

The BOLD! Leadership Audit


Have you ever wondered how seriously each of your managers take their leadership responsibilities? If you have, and you genuinely want to find out, then the upfront BOLD! Leadership Audit is for you!

It’s fast, confronting and Linda tells it like it is. There’s no bull and no place to hide. 

It’s a great place to start if you want to know how to dramatically improve the leadership behaviours in your organisation.

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The Leadership Accountability Programme

The Leadership Accountability Programme is a serious leadership intervention designed to move participants from knowing what good leadership looks like to actively practicing it on a daily basis.

The programme is a blend of teaching workshops, accountability homework and small group coaching sessions over a six month period.

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1-1 Leadership Coaching


Linda loves to work 1 - 1 with leaders who have a genuine desire to take their leadership to the next level. 

Through a series of targeted sessions Linda will share her leadership wisdom and insights with participants, working alongside of them to tailor techniques, models, ideas and tools to their specific situations.

But then look out as she will hold you accountable for putting your learning into practice. Turning up unannounced at your next team meeting to see if you have changed your style is not unheard of! 

Contact Linda direct to find out more.

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